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Date 2010-08-12.02:14:01
SAME exact problem as Issue1242. I've uninstalled GPG4Win but the problem
persists and this is a later version and it's STILL doing it.

Windows XP x64
Office 2003 (11.8169.8172) SP3
GPG4Win 2.0.4

After new message creation in Outlook 2003, if MS Word is used, new entries are 
created under "format" menu. It happens each time a new message is created with 
MS Word editor. The entries shows the text: "encrypt message with GnuPg" and 
"sign message with GnuPg". The entries remains in "format" menu even using MS 
Word outside Outlook.

Notes: gpgol installed from gpg4win 2.0.4
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