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Date 2010-03-10.11:44:53
GPGOL tries to be compatible with PGP Desktop. It uses the PGPExch.htm file,
that the PGP Desktop Client knows, to show the formated content from this

However, GPGOL makes 2 mistakes - making it unable to work:

GPGOL created a detached signature for this format i.e. it creates

PGPExch.htm.asc (the detached signature)

PGP Desktop and other applications cannot cope with this, they only expect one
file - PGPExch.htm.asc. What happends is, for example in PGP 8.0 - that a dialog
popups with an internal error because it does not expect a detached signature.

This error alone would not cause the issue, there is another issue - you are
using *.asc extension for a DETACHED signature. All clients only use *.sig
binary encoded detached signatures, never armored ascii detached signatures.

Please review how to implement the pgp partioned format correctly here:
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