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ID Activity Title Category Status Creator Assigned To
2739 1 month ago pinentry can't access GPG_TTY after su/sudo to another user on GNU/Linux pinentry unread gniibe  
2733 2 months ago alternate header directory (--includedir) isn't set in GpgmeppConfig.cmake gpgme unread RJVB aheinecke
2110 2 months ago Gpgsm 2.1 external key search gives duplicated results gnupg chatting aheinecke werner
2684 2 months ago GPG encrypts using a key of a partial recipient match instead of exact match   chatting tvenhola  
2690 2 months ago crash when editing key with no signatures gnupg testing steven werner
2682 2 months ago Keys cannot be refreshed via "gpg2 --refresh-keys" gnupg chatting colan  
2671 2 months ago "Invalid option" with utf-16 config files (windows) misc chatting andrewgdotcom  
1804 2 months ago HKPS scheme support for Windows Installer gnupg chatting juanmi werner
2680 2 months ago Make the error message when pinentry does not have a tty more clear   chatting t8m  
2390 2 months ago gpg-agent not expiring passphrase gnupg need-eg gvs  
2669 3 months ago gpg --import auto-launches gpg-agent even when no secret keys are imported gnupg chatting dkg  
2666 3 months ago gpg --list-config does not include default-key gnupg chatting dkg  
2324 3 months ago gpg --batch --export-secret-key fails (requires user interaction) if key has no passphrase gnupg chatting dkg justus
2670 3 months ago (Win32/64) gpg-agent locks directory of initial signature gpg4win chatting rivy  
2668 3 months ago gpgv verification of inline-signed data ignores leading and trailing garbage gnupg chatting dkg  
2667 3 months ago No NEED_PASSPHRASE status line on --export-secret-keys gnupg chatting alecpl  
2453 3 months ago Web of Trust: Differents results between Windows and Linux gnupg chatting Mouxon  
2452 3 months ago pinentry-curses fails with ERR 83886343 Line passed to IPC too long <Pinentry> when --ttytype is unusable pinentry testing dkg  
2447 3 months ago macport compile failed in libassuan-2.4.3 due to undefine _POSIX_C_SOURCE libassuan chatting Ricky  
2444 3 months ago Pinentry Does not pass getpin to console pinentry unread lavajgh  
2443 3 months ago gpg2 --use-agent gives "gpg: decryption failed: No secret key" gnupg chatting tuxick  
2270 3 months ago gpg caches bad symmetric passwords gnupg unread neal neal
2054 3 months ago All of max-cache-ttl, default-cache-ttl, and no-allow-external-cache are ignored gnupg chatting ivansopin neal
2024 3 months ago "Unknown IPC command" in many situations (gpg4win/gnupg conflict?) gnupg chatting phry  
2354 3 months ago Deleted secure key not quite deleted? gnupg chatting  
2436 4 months ago --yes sometimes doesn't work without --batch, but this is not well-documented gnupg chatting dkg  
2259 4 months ago --key-gen failing on Solaris 10 gnupg chatting pmawson  
1644 4 months ago Do not expect KeyIDs to be unique gnupg chatting perske  
2298 4 months ago Unblocking a smartcard PIN not possible in 2.1 gnupg need-eg languitar gniibe
2401 4 months ago import-clean and export-clean do not have the documented effect gnupg chatting dkg  
2422 4 months ago Programm dies completely gpg4win unread Jonas  
2056 4 months ago libgcrypt: make check fails "random" test on OS X 10.11 with link error libgcrypt chatting apjanke  
2412 4 months ago gpg2 fails on keyserver fingerprint search while gpg succeeds gnupg testing gms  
2332 4 months ago Cannot authenticate with LDAP keyserver gnupg chatting pcolmer  
2384 5 months ago GPGOL 1.4.0 not working with MS Outlook 64 bits gpgol chatting Jerk aheinecke
1675 5 months ago gpg --verify has race conditions when used concurrently gnupg chatting smoser gniibe
2382 6 months ago space separated fingerprints not accepted as user ids gnupg chatting bernhard  
2361 6 months ago not-resolved status needs to be include in the seartch misc in-progress werner  
2350 6 months ago Reading uninitialized memory in libksba libksba in-progress pascal_cuoq  
2338 6 months ago gpa "no keys found" gpa chatting kiwcam16  
2236 6 months ago Importing a key with badly ordered packets doesn't reorder it, and while --edit-key does reorder it doesn't move the signature packets to the right place gnupg testing guilhem  
2186 7 months ago --encrypt-to ambiguous with a expired and revoked key gnupg deferred ostcar  
2071 7 months ago Processes invoking gpgme_op_decrypt() should not incur a delay due to the invocation of gpg-agent gnupg testing ivansopin  
2333 7 months ago gnupg-2.0.30 (2016-03-31 Stable) Fails to Compile on openSUSE Linux gnupg chatting martin_vahi  
2337 7 months ago gpg command line language wrong gpg4win unread nweyand  
2325 7 months ago rijndael error during make libgcrypt chatting ann  
2331 7 months ago gpg-preset-passphrase fails to work with gpg1 gnupg chatting dkg  
2210 7 months ago Kleopatra causes Smart Card logon to fail gpg4win chatting tim.mccracken aheinecke
2297 7 months ago Refresh keys fails for whole (large) keyring since GnuPG 2.0.27+ (gpg4win only) gnupg chatting mech justus
2313 7 months ago gpg --import of secret keys prompts for passwords in 2.1 gnupg chatting dkg  
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