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1818 3 weeks ago gnupg fails (buffer overflow detected) to encrypt archive when called from duplicity gnupg need-eg freg gniibe
2140 1 month ago GpgOL should always send SENDER with actual sender email gpgol chatting emanuel aheinecke
2092 1 month ago Gpgme-pthread keylist not thread safe gpgme chatting aheinecke werner
2130 1 month ago Using HKPS gives me "gpg: error searching keyserver: General error" gnupg chatting tpreissler werner
2029 1 month ago gpgsm --gen-key prompts for usage flags, then discards them when generating a CSR gnupg testing dkg  
2112 1 month ago Crash on ssh-add gnupg testing dangersalad gniibe
2132 1 month ago Missing blue encryption successfully line for InlinePGP-meessages in GpgOL 1.3.0-beta gpgol unread emanuel aheinecke
2126 1 month ago gpgsm-2.0.x does not work with option --homedir, needs GNUPGHOME gnupg unread lechten  
2074 1 month ago Redeclaration of internal functions to use "external" typedef prevents build libgcrypt testing aixtools gniibe
1613 1 month ago openpgp v2 card bricks after invalid reset apdu gnupg chatting svpcom gniibe
1096 1 month ago As attachment forwarded crypto email can't decrypt/verify by GpgOL gpgol unread emanuel aheinecke
2108 1 month ago Cannot encrypt files because Kleopatra can no longer startup recently. It was working normally before. gpg4win chatting johnny aheinecke
2050 1 month ago «keyserver receive failed: General error» when using HKPS gnupg chatting zardoz  
2109 1 month ago Gpg2.1 http-proxy configuration from 2.0 leads to configuration error gnupg testing aheinecke werner
2114 1 month ago gpa --disable-x509 gpa chatting RMSheritage  
2107 1 month ago dirmngr crash when searching keyservers on OpenBSD dirmngr testing vext01  
1828 2 months ago card-edit/fetch assumes signing key is master key and fails if not gnupg chatting elfindreams gniibe
2079 2 months ago gpg2 --card-status won't create proper stubs for (sub)keys which are known but non-usable gnupg testing rhertzog gniibe
2052 2 months ago Segfault in gpg-agent running with --enable-ssh-support on OS X 10.10 Yosemite gnupg chatting epall gniibe
2110 2 months ago Gpgsm 2.1 external key search gives duplicated results gnupg chatting aheinecke werner
2094 2 months ago public key cannot be deleted gpa testing toralf  
2102 2 months ago again: Fix constant division for AMD64 assembly on Solaris/x86 libgcrypt chatting joernc  
1671 2 months ago libgpg-error 1.13 does not link on Solaris 10 libgpg-error deferred joernc  
2099 2 months ago GPA on Lubuntu 15.04 shows no keys. gpa chatting tyklink  
2097 2 months ago gpg doesn't output anything to Mintty when using Cygwin gnupg chatting fa6bb37c  
1801 2 months ago GPG4win Outlook 2010 GPgol doesn't detect Kleopatra gpgol need-eg MDK7MX  
671 2 months ago card context shared between callers gnupg chatting Richter gnupg-hackers
1568 2 months ago General Error: Library Returned Unexpected Error gpa need-eg SpamTheClicker  
2005 2 months ago Unexpected error at gpafileencryptop.c:305: Not implemented gpa need-eg ikylar  
1954 2 months ago Password too long gnupg need-eg thomai  
1832 2 months ago gpg --send-keys fails silently if keyserver unavailable gnupg in-progress acastong  
2089 2 months ago retype timestamps to time_t for portability gpgme chatting wenzehan  
1807 2 months ago Failing unit tests for libgcrypt libgcrypt need-eg hollaburoo  
1815 2 months ago whirlpool.c requires u64 type libgcrypt in-progress werner  
2056 2 months ago libgcrypt: make check fails "random" test on OS X 10.11 with link error libgcrypt chatting apjanke  
2066 2 months ago Wrong BLOB Type/keytable.c:150 gnupg chatting noname  
1779 2 months ago AIX & GCC 4.7.4: 27 of 30 tests failed Please report to gnupg chatting aixtools  
1571 3 months ago gpg --multifile and wildcards problem on Windows gpg4win chatting werner aheinecke
2080 3 months ago no status output when trying to sign data with revoked private key gnupg unread dranft  
1931 3 months ago libgpg-error-1.18 all tests core on Solaris10 with gcc4.9.2 libgpg-error need-eg jonesrw  
2049 3 months ago conflicting pkg-config detection and initialization pinentry chatting alonbl werner
2069 3 months ago Passphrase prompts for each subkey, but not clear which dialog belongs to which subkey gnupg chatting viktordick  
2070 3 months ago Can not leave passphrase empty when exporting secret key gnupg chatting viktordick  
2063 3 months ago Not possible to configure http-proxy for keyserver with Kleopatra as documented in Compendium gpg4win chatting aheinecke aheinecke
1938 3 months ago --list-sigs on a keybox is extremely slow gnupg in-progress guilhem werner
2055 4 months ago AIX 7.1 Key Generation Failed with Segmentaiton fault signal 11 gnupg chatting smuthuso  
2053 4 months ago scdaemon over pcsclite holds the card even with "--card-timeout 5" gnupg chatting crosser  
2033 4 months ago gpgsm can't decrypt smime encrypted mails from 1 contact gnupg unread magist3r  
2003 5 months ago Cherry ST-2000U USB card reader keypad not working on Windows gpg4win chatting beezle gniibe
2024 5 months ago "Unknown IPC command" in many situations gnupg chatting phry  
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