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ID Activity Title Category Status Creator Assigned To
2897 1 month ago gpg --import pauses for entropy gnupg chatting peff  
2826 1 month ago Clock skew screws up expiration and usage of keys gnupg chatting justus justus
1828 1 month ago card-edit/fetch assumes signing key is master key and fails if not gnupg chatting elfindreams gniibe
2896 1 month ago Outlook 2003 Cannot Send a Message gpgol unread mberg75  
2888 1 month ago FAQ entry on WKD used in messages from the WKS server is a stub gnupg unread justus  
2886 2 months ago nPth often needs -lpthread but does not detect this npth chatting werner  
2680 2 months ago Make the error message when pinentry does not have a tty more clear gnupg chatting t8m  
2876 2 months ago Outlook hangs with any crypto function gpgol unread woodrowr aheinecke
2875 2 months ago Pinentry-curses fallback + gpg / gpgsm can lead to endless 100% cpu loop pinentry unread aheinecke  
2056 2 months ago libgcrypt: make check fails "random" test on OS X 10.11 with link error libgcrypt deferred apjanke  
2873 2 months ago GpgEX crashes attempting to encrypt a file gpgex unread jdawdy  
2177 2 months ago pinentry: Passphrase not recognized in Thunderbird/Enigmail pinentry chatting archange  
1048 2 months ago link to "Gnupg-commits Archives" broken gpgweb chatting dleidert  
2812 2 months ago TOFU very slow on Windows gnupg chatting aheinecke neal
2859 2 months ago TOFU not affected by Key deletion gnupg chatting aheinecke neal
2836 2 months ago dirmngr: wakes up periodically gnupg chatting dkg  
2438 2 months ago dirmngr fails repeatedly with "invalid argument", without kicking the host from its list gnupg chatting dkg  
2827 2 months ago dirmngr should mark hkps hosts as dead on TLS failures gnupg unread dkg  
2740 2 months ago dirmngr fails (and gets stuck failing) when network changes gnupg unread dkg  
2433 2 months ago dirmngr: hkps connections should default to system trust if --hkp-cacert is not given gnupg unread dkg  
2817 2 months ago TOFU validity conflict not set on conflict gnupg testing aheinecke neal
2053 2 months ago scdaemon over pcsclite holds the card even with "--card-timeout 5" gnupg chatting crosser gniibe
2738 2 months ago gpg crashes when attempting to write a key to a card gnupg unread baptistemm gniibe
2849 2 months ago dirmngr fails to terminate on SIGTERM if an existing connection is open gnupg chatting dkg werner
2230 2 months ago gpgsm decryption with smartcard fails with "Invalid session key" gnupg testing lorenz  
1448 2 months ago gpgconf lists options which break gpg1 when gpg2 is also installed gnupg chatting ralf werner
2854 2 months ago GpgOL: Mail forwarded as attachment not decrypted gpgol unread aheinecke aheinecke
2815 2 months ago TOFU conflict not part of GpgME's sigsum gnupg chatting aheinecke neal
2843 3 months ago pinentry-gnome3 not falling back to pinentry-curses as it should pinentry unread iazz  
2813 3 months ago gnupg v2 does not allow for parallel processing any more gnupg need-eg P46hNhPU justus
2833 3 months ago gpg-wks-client TLS access to server with wrong SNI name aborts gnupg unread thomas werner
2831 3 months ago dirmngr: clearer error messages when --use-tor but tor is not available gnupg unread dkg  
2830 3 months ago updating existing key certifications should not require --expert gnupg unread dkg  
2818 3 months ago expected behavior unclear when using gpg from ssh on a machine with a running X11 session gnupg chatting dkg werner
2822 3 months ago gnupg 1.4 sometimes truncates pubring.gpg on SIGINT gnupg unread dkg  
2823 3 months ago generate web-based manpage from latest release gnupg chatting dkg  
2167 4 months ago Unplugging USB Smartcard/Yubikey causes problems with scdaemon gnupg testing dhoffend gniibe
2758 4 months ago entering a "too long" passphrase fails in different ways. gnupg unread dkg  
1649 4 months ago kleopatra fails to sign keys when local sig already exists gpg4win unread dkg aheinecke
2750 4 months ago GOOD_PASSPHRASE has disappeared from status gnupg unread dkg  
2110 4 months ago Gpgsm 2.1 external key search gives duplicated results gnupg chatting aheinecke werner
2684 4 months ago GPG encrypts using a key of a partial recipient match instead of exact match   chatting tvenhola  
2682 5 months ago Keys cannot be refreshed via "gpg2 --refresh-keys" gnupg chatting colan  
2671 5 months ago "Invalid option" with utf-16 config files (windows) misc chatting andrewgdotcom  
1804 5 months ago HKPS scheme support for Windows Installer gnupg chatting juanmi werner
2390 5 months ago gpg-agent not expiring passphrase gnupg need-eg gvs  
2669 5 months ago gpg --import auto-launches gpg-agent even when no secret keys are imported gnupg chatting dkg  
2666 5 months ago gpg --list-config does not include default-key gnupg chatting dkg  
2670 5 months ago (Win32/64) gpg-agent locks directory of initial signature gpg4win chatting rivy  
2668 5 months ago gpgv verification of inline-signed data ignores leading and trailing garbage gnupg chatting dkg  
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