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ID Activity Title Category Status Creator Assigned To
1836 1 month ago gpg-agent --no-detach breaks pinentry-curses, pinentry-tty pinentry need-eg MattG  
1758 1 month ago pinentry Qt4 frontend broken with libc++ pinentry chatting Ionic  
1763 1 month ago gpg ... delete key failed: Unknown system error gnupg chatting colinkeenan  
1799 1 month ago GnuPG does not provide Host: header for proxy requests gnupg need-eg justindossey  
1841 1 month ago gpg-connect-agent: percent+ function doesn't encode '+' gnupg testing dkg  
1963 1 month ago ldap keyserver communication error gnupg chatting elosery  
1970 1 month ago Implement --pinentry-mode loopback --passphrase-fd 9 also for gpgsm gnupg chatting perske  
1973 1 month ago Wrong line endings when decrypting to console gnupg chatting gp_ast  
1961 1 month ago pinentry-qt4 needs -std=c++11 to compile with gcc-5.1 pinentry chatting heirecka werner
1959 1 month ago pinentry-gtk-2's secure entry is inaccessible in GNU/Linux pinentry chatting Joanmarie  
1463 1 month ago pinentry-curses crashes with SIGSEGV if can't find terminfo pinentry testing dark_templar  
1239 1 month ago pinentry-gtk2 hangs when GNOME a11y is enable pinentry need-eg fherrera  
1735 1 month ago No NEED_PASSPHRASE in batch mode gnupg chatting iromanov gniibe
1100 1 month ago gnupg2 fails to properly generate signing subkey below cert-only key on OpenPGP card 2.0   chatting geier gniibe
1972 1 month ago gpg --search-keys doesn't indicate that results are truncated gnupg unread neal  
1971 1 month ago LDAP: --refresh-keys is not implemented gnupg unread neal  
1968 2 months ago Bad signatures prevent user from signing a key gnupg chatting diafygi werner
1828 2 months ago card-edit/fetch assumes signing key is master key and fails if not gnupg chatting elfindreams gniibe
1644 2 months ago Do not expect KeyIDs to be unique gnupg chatting perske  
1962 2 months ago gnupg 1.4.x adds unknown ECC subkeys repeatedly. gnupg in-progress dkg gniibe
1862 2 months ago Building static GnuPG 2.1.2 fails due to multiply defined symbols. gnupg chatting perske gniibe
1960 2 months ago key 00000000 occurs more than once in the trustdb gnupg chatting Moose  
1695 2 months ago memory fault in gpg --gen-key on AIX 6.1 libassuan chatting catalin.m  
1686 2 months ago GPG Smartcard daemons not detecting card change Windows 8.1 gnupg chatting mcantrell gniibe
1786 2 months ago dirmngr ignores honor-http-proxy and http-proxy options gnupg testing MaxKh  
1703 2 months ago Solaris 9 Sparc/gcc build fix libgcrypt chatting wiz werner
1709 2 months ago scm spr332 pinpad entry failure under Windows7 gpg4win need-eg lalberti gniibe
1931 2 months ago libgpg-error-1.18 all tests core on Solaris10 with gcc4.9.2 libgpg-error need-eg jonesrw  
1948 2 months ago unintuitive behavior when clearing or setting unsecure passphrase gnupg in-progress vhgx3uoy  
1759 2 months ago gnupg 2.1 regression: cannot use OpenPGP card for signing gnupg need-eg brain0 gniibe
1942 2 months ago gpg2 --delete-key output confusing with stubbed secret keys gnupg unread neal  
1082 3 months ago scd rewrites ~/.gnupg/reader_0.status with same content when SERIALNO is issued gnupg need-eg marc gniibe
1937 3 months ago gnu-divert-to-card secret subkey bug gnupg chatting heimes gniibe
1940 3 months ago GpgOL plugin somehow causes Outlook not to maintain received message date when copying messages in Outlook gpg4win unread jmsachs  
1935 3 months ago gpg-zip not installed by default gnupg unread cb474  
1820 3 months ago error sending to agent: No passphrase given (empty password) gnupg deferred C0NPAQ  
1881 3 months ago Undefined behavior when running `make check` under Clang sanitizers libgcrypt chatting JW jukivili
1920 3 months ago build failure on cygwin with speedo libgpg-error chatting bjmgeek  
1864 3 months ago Can't compile libgcrypt with some configure options libgcrypt need-eg JW  
1865 3 months ago Cannot test nPth library npth need-eg JW  
1861 4 months ago gpgsm does not handle certificates with ambiguous name correctly gnupg chatting klada  
1847 4 months ago Cannot read old keyring (issue 1793 related) gnupg in-progress nrickert werner
1852 4 months ago Probable typo in sexp.c - mising parentheses libgcrypt chatting t8m  
1848 4 months ago gpg 2.1.2 with pinentry-curses prompts for passphrase when adding subkeys gnupg chatting dexolabs  
1501 4 months ago Public part of a R4096(S)-Subkey lost when imported from an armored backup file. gnupg chatting timfriske  
1832 4 months ago gpg --send-keys fails silently if keyserver unavailable gnupg in-progress acastong  
1843 4 months ago dirmngr-client doesn't auto-launch dirmngr gnupg unread dkg  
1845 4 months ago sending large keys to keyserver push fails with silent hang and "assuan_inquire failed: Too much data for IPC layer" libassuan unread dkg  
1824 4 months ago gpg4win: Localization "Bis" instead of "To" in Kleopatra gpgol chatting rb aheinecke
1837 4 months ago GPGOL causes Outlook to crash gpgol unread kjathome  
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