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ID Activity Title Category Status Creator Assigned To
2058 1 month ago Change gpg-agent to support passing command line options to pinentry gnupg unread neal  
1777 1 month ago pinentry-gtk-2 refuses input when GTK_IM_MODULE=scim pinentry testing dkg  
1239 1 month ago pinentry-gtk2 hangs when GNOME a11y is enable pinentry testing fherrera  
2056 1 month ago libgcrypt: make check fails "random" test on OS X 10.11 with link error libgcrypt chatting apjanke  
2054 1 month ago All of max-cache-ttl, default-cache-ttl, and no-allow-external-cache are ignored gnupg chatting ivansopin  
1878 1 month ago wipememory relies upon volatile qualifier misc need-eg JW  
2028 1 month ago gpg: renaming `C:/GnuPG\pubring.gpg' to `C:/GnuPG\pubring.bak' failed: Permission denied gnupg chatting Mark18976  
2055 1 month ago AIX 7.1 Key Generation Failed with Segmentaiton fault signal 11 gnupg chatting smuthuso  
2052 1 month ago Segfault in gpg-agent running with --enable-ssh-support on OS X 10.10 Yosemite gnupg chatting epall  
2029 1 month ago gpgsm --gen-key prompts for usage flags, then discards them when generating a CSR gnupg in-progress dkg  
2053 1 month ago scdaemon over pcsclite holds the card even with "--card-timeout 5" gnupg chatting crosser  
2033 1 month ago gpgsm can't decrypt smime encrypted mails from 1 contact gnupg unread magist3r  
2027 2 months ago Non-breaking space in French translation gnupg chatting jaromil  
2003 2 months ago Cherry ST-2000U USB card reader keypad not working on Windows gpg4win chatting beezle gniibe
1829 2 months ago Excessive memory use on --import of crafted file gnupg in-progress JodieC  
1999 2 months ago gpg --check-trustdb returns data on stdout when --verbose --verbose is present? gnupg chatting neal  
2008 2 months ago --list-options broken when using --with-colons gnupg testing florianfieber  
2024 2 months ago "Unknown IPC command" in many situations gnupg chatting phry  
1998 2 months ago Can't use extended characters in passphrase gnupg chatting neal  
2015 2 months ago GET_PASSPHRASE with --no-ask always return error in gnupg 2.1.5 gnupg chatting lenharo  
2014 2 months ago pinentry offers to save symmetric passwords in libsecret gnupg unread neal  
2012 2 months ago Add support for keyservers specified as IP address gnupg chatting werner werner
2011 2 months ago gnupg should notify cancellation of its operation to gpg-agent to kill pinentry gnupg chatting gniibe  
1954 2 months ago Password too long gnupg chatting thomai  
1936 2 months ago FreeBSD 10.1: mpi alignment error during compile libgcrypt testing naturalmessage gniibe
1974 2 months ago libgcrypt: build fails on Gentoo/FreeBSD 10.0 or later (x86-fbsd) libgcrypt testing nigoro gniibe
2007 2 months ago GPG OL: Cannot decrypt mails send with OpenPGP/MIME format gpgol unread robert.wloch  
1842 2 months ago dirmngr crashes if DIR.txt is empty gnupg testing dkg  
1950 2 months ago gpg --refresh-keys fails with large keyrings over hkps gnupg unread dkg  
1928 3 months ago regression --passphrase-file ignored in gnupg 2.1.2 gnupg chatting exi gniibe
2001 3 months ago gpg-agent isn't used for getting password with --gen-key gnupg unread neal  
1995 3 months ago Error on include order gnupg testing dan+gpg  
1983 3 months ago gpg2 prefers missing secret key to available key gnupg chatting jwilson  
1778 3 months ago t-exechelp-posix get_max_fds returns MAX_INT32 rather than something sensible gnupg testing aixtools  
1989 3 months ago Missing support for IPv4 may lead to problems. gnupg chatting werner  
1836 3 months ago gpg-agent --no-detach breaks pinentry-curses, pinentry-tty pinentry need-eg MattG  
1763 3 months ago gpg ... delete key failed: Unknown system error gnupg chatting colinkeenan  
1799 3 months ago GnuPG does not provide Host: header for proxy requests gnupg need-eg justindossey  
1841 3 months ago gpg-connect-agent: percent+ function doesn't encode '+' gnupg testing dkg  
1963 3 months ago ldap keyserver communication error gnupg chatting elosery  
1970 3 months ago Implement --pinentry-mode loopback --passphrase-fd 9 also for gpgsm gnupg chatting perske  
1463 3 months ago pinentry-curses crashes with SIGSEGV if can't find terminfo pinentry testing dark_templar  
1735 3 months ago No NEED_PASSPHRASE in batch mode gnupg chatting iromanov gniibe
1100 3 months ago gnupg2 fails to properly generate signing subkey below cert-only key on OpenPGP card 2.0   chatting geier gniibe
1972 3 months ago gpg --search-keys doesn't indicate that results are truncated gnupg unread neal  
1971 3 months ago LDAP: --refresh-keys is not implemented gnupg unread neal  
1968 4 months ago Bad signatures prevent user from signing a key gnupg chatting diafygi werner
1828 4 months ago card-edit/fetch assumes signing key is master key and fails if not gnupg chatting elfindreams gniibe
1644 4 months ago Do not expect KeyIDs to be unique gnupg chatting perske  
1962 4 months ago gnupg 1.4.x adds unknown ECC subkeys repeatedly. gnupg in-progress dkg gniibe
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