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2031 3 weeks ago GnuPG 2.1 Migration fails badly with (weird) PGP2 key in pubring gnupg chatting aheinecke werner
1590 4 months ago dirmngr with libgcrypt 1.6.0 forgets to initialize pth properly dirmngr in-progress perske werner
1826 5 months ago Cannot decrypt message from Enigmail gpgol unread rb  
1225 63 months ago gpgOL- 2003 (Problem sending standard unencrypted eMail when mail is composed with word-editor) gpgol unread puchowski  
1216 64 months ago GpgOL 1.1.1 and Outlook 2007 - encrypt does not work at all gpgol unread  
362 126 months ago link break gpgweb chatting anonymous lolo
2043 yesterday Gpgsm stable: gen-key triggers bug with recent libgcrypt gnupg testing bboeck werner
2042 1 week ago AIX 6.1 gpg2 Segmentation fault gnupg chatting miclovan  
1978 1 month ago Dirmngr ldap CRL checks prevent dirmngr from terminating gnupg testing aheinecke werner
2000 1 month ago PGP-2 Keys are handled as if their Fingerprint is always zero gnupg testing aheinecke werner
1624 6 months ago file encryption: gpa does not work with umlaut gpa chatting boehmtho werner
1568 8 months ago General Error: Library Returned Unexpected Error gpa chatting SpamTheClicker  
1266 60 months ago "Encrypt Message with GPG" cannot be removed from drop down toolbar! gpgol unread wlgivens  
1196 66 months ago New mirror adition gpgweb unread filipec  
1019 72 months ago Buttons in outlook 2007 disappear gpgol need-eg appiejs  
775 99 months ago EMAIL body not encrypted even if in the SENT ITEMS is OK winpt chatting avanore  
2038 4 minutes ago Pinentry Failing with 'Passphrase too long (try 2 of 3)' on Fedora 22 with KDE *only* when using lengthy passphrases gnupg chatting SlipperyCow  
1959 1 1/2 hours ago pinentry-gtk-2's secure entry is inaccessible in GNU/Linux pinentry testing Joanmarie  
2034 yesterday pinentry emacs features need documentation pinentry chatting dkg  
2059 yesterday Rate limit password attempts by pinentry. gnupg unread neal  
2058 yesterday Change gpg-agent to support passing command line options to pinentry gnupg unread neal  
2057 yesterday Add a command line option to pinentry that disables emacs support pinentry unread neal  
1837 2 days ago GPGOL causes Outlook to crash gpgol need-eg kjathome aheinecke
2048 3 days ago KGpg Fails to Autostart on Fedora 22 with KDE Despite 'Start KGpg automatically at login' Being Selected gnupg deferred SlipperyCow  
1777 3 days ago pinentry-gtk-2 refuses input when GTK_IM_MODULE=scim pinentry testing dkg  
1239 3 days ago pinentry-gtk2 hangs when GNOME a11y is enable pinentry testing fherrera  
2056 5 days ago libgcrypt: make check fails "random" test on OS X 10.11 with link error libgcrypt chatting apjanke  
2036 6 days ago gpgme_set_pinentry_mode GPGME_PINENTRY_MODE_LOOPBACK doesn't work gpgme chatting flok  
2054 6 days ago All of max-cache-ttl, default-cache-ttl, and no-allow-external-cache are ignored gnupg chatting ivansopin  
1878 7 days ago wipememory relies upon volatile qualifier misc need-eg JW  
2028 7 days ago gpg: renaming `C:/GnuPG\pubring.gpg' to `C:/GnuPG\pubring.bak' failed: Permission denied gnupg chatting Mark18976  
2055 7 days ago AIX 7.1 Key Generation Failed with Segmentaiton fault signal 11 gnupg chatting smuthuso  
2052 1 week ago Segfault in gpg-agent running with --enable-ssh-support on OS X 10.10 Yosemite gnupg chatting epall  
2029 1 week ago gpgsm --gen-key prompts for usage flags, then discards them when generating a CSR gnupg in-progress dkg  
2049 1 week ago conflicting pkg-config detection and initialization pinentry chatting alonbl neal
2051 1 week ago is_file_compressed (filename, &rc2)) doesn`t CloseHandle files in windows gnupg chatting justanon  
2053 1 week ago scdaemon over pcsclite holds the card even with "--card-timeout 5" gnupg chatting crosser  
2050 1 week ago «keyserver receive failed: General error» when using HKPS   unread zardoz  
2032 2 weeks ago Non-NLS build broken in 2.1.6 gnupg testing chrullrich gniibe
2033 3 weeks ago gpgsm can't decrypt smime encrypted mails from 1 contact gnupg unread magist3r  
2027 3 weeks ago Non-breaking space in French translation gnupg chatting jaromil  
2003 4 weeks ago Cherry ST-2000U USB card reader keypad not working on Windows gpg4win chatting beezle gniibe
1829 1 month ago Excessive memory use on --import of crafted file gnupg in-progress JodieC  
1999 1 month ago gpg --check-trustdb returns data on stdout when --verbose --verbose is present? gnupg chatting neal  
2008 1 month ago --list-options broken when using --with-colons gnupg testing florianfieber  
2024 1 month ago "Unknown IPC command" in many situations gnupg chatting phry  
1998 1 month ago Can't use extended characters in passphrase gnupg chatting neal  
1921 1 month ago Duplicated certificates in gpgsm pubring (2.1) gnupg testing aheinecke werner
2019 1 month ago Order of magnitude degradation in performance in gpg2 cf gpg gnupg chatting andrewgdotcom  
2010 1 month ago Error when converting keyring to gpg 2.1 gnupg chatting gp_ast  
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