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ID Activity Title Category Status Creator Assigned To
1590 2 months ago dirmngr with libgcrypt 1.6.0 forgets to initialize pth properly dirmngr in-progress perske werner
1826 3 months ago Cannot decrypt message from Enigmail gpgol unread rb  
1225 61 months ago gpgOL- 2003 (Problem sending standard unencrypted eMail when mail is composed with word-editor) gpgol unread puchowski  
1216 61 months ago GpgOL 1.1.1 and Outlook 2007 - encrypt does not work at all gpgol unread  
362 124 months ago link break gpgweb chatting anonymous lolo
1978 1 week ago Dirmngr ldap CRL checks prevent dirmngr from terminating dirmngr unread aheinecke neal
1624 4 months ago file encryption: gpa does not work with umlaut gpa chatting boehmtho werner
1568 6 months ago General Error: Library Returned Unexpected Error gpa chatting SpamTheClicker  
1266 58 months ago "Encrypt Message with GPG" cannot be removed from drop down toolbar! gpgol unread wlgivens  
1196 63 months ago New mirror adition gpgweb unread filipec  
1019 70 months ago Buttons in outlook 2007 disappear gpgol need-eg appiejs  
775 97 months ago EMAIL body not encrypted even if in the SENT ITEMS is OK winpt chatting avanore  
1983 yesterday gpg2 prefers missing secret key to available key gnupg chatting jwilson  
1777 yesterday pinentry-gtk-2 refuses input when GTK_IM_MODULE=scim pinentry chatting dkg  
1778 yesterday t-exechelp-posix get_max_fds returns MAX_INT32 rather than something sensible gnupg testing aixtools  
1976 3 days ago loopback pinentry mode asks passphrase twice on symmetric encryption gnupg chatting ueno  
1990 4 days ago More gseal/gtk3 compatibility in the gtk+3 UI pinentry chatting neal  
1989 6 days ago Missing support for IPv4 may lead to problems. gnupg chatting werner  
1985 7 days ago Option --try-all-secrets doesn't work gnupg unread ajaja  
1675 7 days ago gpg --verify has race conditions when used concurrently gnupg chatting smoser gniibe
1836 1 week ago gpg-agent --no-detach breaks pinentry-curses, pinentry-tty pinentry need-eg MattG  
1981 1 week ago pinentry-qt4 shows up behind some windows pinentry chatting dkg  
1758 1 week ago pinentry Qt4 frontend broken with libc++ pinentry chatting Ionic  
1763 1 week ago gpg ... delete key failed: Unknown system error gnupg chatting colinkeenan  
1799 1 week ago GnuPG does not provide Host: header for proxy requests gnupg need-eg justindossey  
1819 1 week ago "gpg --gen-key" failed on Windows gnupg need-eg liudonghua  
1841 1 week ago gpg-connect-agent: percent+ function doesn't encode '+' gnupg testing dkg  
1963 1 week ago ldap keyserver communication error gnupg chatting elosery  
1970 1 week ago Implement --pinentry-mode loopback --passphrase-fd 9 also for gpgsm gnupg chatting perske  
1973 1 week ago Wrong line endings when decrypting to console gnupg chatting gp_ast  
1921 1 week ago Duplicated certificates in gpgsm pubring (2.1) gnupg chatting aheinecke  
1961 1 week ago pinentry-qt4 needs -std=c++11 to compile with gcc-5.1 pinentry chatting heirecka werner
1974 1 week ago libgcrypt: build fails on Gentoo/FreeBSD 10.0 or later (x86-fbsd) libgcrypt chatting nigoro  
1936 1 week ago FreeBSD 10.1: mpi alignment error during compile libgcrypt chatting naturalmessage gniibe
1959 1 week ago pinentry-gtk-2's secure entry is inaccessible in GNU/Linux pinentry chatting Joanmarie  
1463 1 week ago pinentry-curses crashes with SIGSEGV if can't find terminfo pinentry testing dark_templar  
1239 1 week ago pinentry-gtk2 hangs when GNOME a11y is enable pinentry need-eg fherrera  
1735 2 weeks ago No NEED_PASSPHRASE in batch mode gnupg chatting iromanov gniibe
1100 2 weeks ago gnupg2 fails to properly generate signing subkey below cert-only key on OpenPGP card 2.0   chatting geier gniibe
1972 2 weeks ago gpg --search-keys doesn't indicate that results are truncated gnupg unread neal  
1971 2 weeks ago LDAP: --refresh-keys is not implemented gnupg unread neal  
1928 2 weeks ago regression --passphrase-file ignored in gnupg 2.1.2 gnupg chatting exi gniibe
1968 2 weeks ago Bad signatures prevent user from signing a key gnupg chatting diafygi werner
1828 3 weeks ago card-edit/fetch assumes signing key is master key and fails if not gnupg chatting elfindreams gniibe
1644 3 weeks ago Do not expect KeyIDs to be unique gnupg chatting perske  
1962 3 weeks ago gnupg 1.4.x adds unknown ECC subkeys repeatedly. gnupg in-progress dkg gniibe
1862 3 weeks ago Building static GnuPG 2.1.2 fails due to multiply defined symbols. gnupg chatting perske gniibe
1960 3 weeks ago key 00000000 occurs more than once in the trustdb gnupg chatting Moose  
1695 1 month ago memory fault in gpg --gen-key on AIX 6.1 libassuan chatting catalin.m  
1686 1 month ago GPG Smartcard daemons not detecting card change Windows 8.1 gnupg chatting mcantrell gniibe
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