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ID Activity Title Category Status Creator Assigned To
2889 2 weeks ago gnupg/dirmngr 2.1.17 fails on all keyserver operations gnupg in-progress brents  
2865 1 month ago Renaming pubring.gpg to pubring.bak failed while importing the public key gnupg chatting skkulla  
2434 5 months ago pinentry-gtk-2's --no-global-grab does not work as advertised pinentry unread justus  
1590 22 months ago dirmngr with libgcrypt 1.6.0 forgets to initialize pth properly x-dirmngr-old in-progress perske werner
2883 yesterday GpgOL: Move/Copy/Save/Export mail doesn't work gpgol chatting Dr_IT aheinecke
2867 1 month ago When inline response is active for crypto mail closing outlook shows the save dialog gpgol unread aheinecke aheinecke
2416 2 months ago Outlook 2016 64-bit: Crash if "Send to" > "Mail Recipient" is tried gpgol testing ralfbergs aheinecke
2687 4 months ago 98 chars limits on archived filenames for windows (gpgtar) gpg4win chatting bernhard aheinecke
2925 6 hours ago Permissions of pubkey.kbx not retained through changes gnupg unread codmyre  
2910 yesterday gpgme 1.8 build failure: strdup undeclared on MacOSX Sierra gpgme chatting neal  
2924 yesterday HTTP(S) preferred key servers always treated as HKP gnupg chatting codmyre  
2922 yesterday export-minimal does not work as advertised and leaks information gnupg testing infinity0  
2902 yesterday dimrngr over tor fails repeatedly on IPv6 records gnupg testing dkg  
2914 yesterday TOFU Conflict Status fd output broken gnupg chatting aheinecke neal
2923 yesterday tust signature domain restrictions don't work gnupg unread linsam  
2853 2 days ago Signature Verification returning 'gpg: DBG: tofu.c:2772: strtoul failed for DB returned string (tail=): Invalid argument' gnupg chatting grempe neal
2917 4 days ago wkd discovery should re-fetch key if it is expired gnupg chatting hanno  
2733 6 days ago alternate header directory (--includedir) isn't set in GpgmeppConfig.cmake gpgme chatting RJVB aheinecke
2919 6 days ago mutt + gpgme problems with some Outlook S/MIME emails gpgme unread wiz  
2745 1 week ago gpg 2.1.15, *no* keyservers found for submit/recv, "DNS query returned an error or no records: No such domain (nxdomain)" gnupg testing lssl werner
2451 1 week ago _hkp_tcp SRV record doesn't work gnupg testing zhsj werner
2908 1 week ago dirmngr can't be build w/o LDAP gnupg chatting neal  
2911 1 week ago Key creation problem with 2.1.16 gnupg chatting neal  
2387 1 week ago GNUPGHOME with newlines breaks standard parsing of gpgconf --list-dirs gnupg chatting dkg  
2423 1 week ago configure: error: Sorry, the current implemenation requires mmap. due to empty CFLAGS (missing -fPIC) gnupg chatting ignatenkobrain neal
2741 1 week ago --quick-gen-key prints duplicate fingerprint gnupg unread dkg  
2851 1 week ago redefinition of typedef 'rfc822parse_t' gnupg unread headsup  
2236 1 week ago Importing a key with badly ordered packets doesn't reorder it, and while --edit-key does reorder it doesn't move the signature packets to the right place gnupg testing guilhem  
2909 1 week ago GnuPG 2.1.15 - delete-secret-keys seems not to accept loopback pinentry gnupg unread neal  
2903 1 week ago "gpg --card-status" does not add any entries to the private key ring gnupg chatting ikarisan  
2897 2 weeks ago gpg --import pauses for entropy gnupg chatting peff  
2826 2 weeks ago Clock skew screws up expiration and usage of keys gnupg chatting justus justus
1828 2 weeks ago card-edit/fetch assumes signing key is master key and fails if not gnupg chatting elfindreams gniibe
2896 3 weeks ago Outlook 2003 Cannot Send a Message gpgol unread mberg75  
2888 3 weeks ago FAQ entry on WKD used in messages from the WKS server is a stub gnupg unread justus  
2886 3 weeks ago nPth often needs -lpthread but does not detect this npth chatting werner  
2882 3 weeks ago libgcrypt: FTBFS with LTO libgcrypt chatting JeffBai jukivili
2680 3 weeks ago Make the error message when pinentry does not have a tty more clear gnupg chatting t8m  
2876 1 month ago Outlook hangs with any crypto function gpgol unread woodrowr aheinecke
2425 1 month ago 2.1.14 intermittent `make check` failure on gpgtar.scm gnupg chatting ilovezfs justus
2875 1 month ago Pinentry-curses fallback + gpg / gpgsm can lead to endless 100% cpu loop pinentry unread aheinecke  
2056 1 month ago libgcrypt: make check fails "random" test on OS X 10.11 with link error libgcrypt deferred apjanke  
2873 1 month ago GpgEX crashes attempting to encrypt a file gpgex unread jdawdy  
2177 1 month ago pinentry: Passphrase not recognized in Thunderbird/Enigmail pinentry chatting archange  
1048 1 month ago link to "Gnupg-commits Archives" broken gpgweb chatting dleidert  
2812 1 month ago TOFU very slow on Windows gnupg chatting aheinecke neal
2859 1 month ago TOFU not affected by Key deletion gnupg chatting aheinecke neal
2836 1 month ago dirmngr: wakes up periodically gnupg chatting dkg  
2438 1 month ago dirmngr fails repeatedly with "invalid argument", without kicking the host from its list gnupg chatting dkg  
2827 1 month ago dirmngr should mark hkps hosts as dead on TLS failures gnupg unread dkg  
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