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1590 6 months ago dirmngr with libgcrypt 1.6.0 forgets to initialize pth properly dirmngr in-progress perske werner
1225 64 months ago gpgOL- 2003 (Problem sending standard unencrypted eMail when mail is composed with word-editor) gpgol unread puchowski  
1216 65 months ago GpgOL 1.1.1 and Outlook 2007 - encrypt does not work at all gpgol unread  
2043 1 month ago Gpgsm stable: gen-key triggers bug with recent libgcrypt gnupg testing bboeck werner
2042 1 month ago AIX 6.1 gpg2 Segmentation fault gnupg chatting miclovan  
2000 2 months ago PGP-2 Keys are handled as if their Fingerprint is always zero gnupg testing aheinecke werner
1624 7 months ago file encryption: gpa does not work with umlaut gpa chatting boehmtho werner
1266 61 months ago "Encrypt Message with GPG" cannot be removed from drop down toolbar! gpgol unread wlgivens  
1019 73 months ago Buttons in outlook 2007 disappear gpgol need-eg appiejs  
775 100 months ago EMAIL body not encrypted even if in the SENT ITEMS is OK winpt chatting avanore  
2086 an hour ago Compiling gnupg with libgpg-error is much more difficult than necesary gnupg chatting atcuno  
2079 3 hours ago gpg2 --card-status won't create proper stubs for (sub)keys which are known but non-usable gnupg chatting rhertzog gniibe
2085 yesterday gpg --gen-key from gnupg-w32 2.1.7 fails on Windows > 8.1 (AESNI)) libgcrypt in-progress aheinecke werner
1779 2 days ago AIX & GCC 4.7.4: 27 of 30 tests failed Please report to gnupg chatting aixtools  
2050 2 days ago «keyserver receive failed: General error» when using HKPS gnupg unread zardoz  
1796 2 days ago Secret key import fails for ASCII version on windows gpa chatting DieterDP  
2067 3 days ago gpg2 cannot find keys by non-ASCII User IDs unless the system locale is UTF-8 gnupg chatting dkg werner
1804 4 days ago HKPS scheme support for Windows Installer dirmngr chatting juanmi werner
1845 4 days ago sending large keys to keyserver push fails with silent hang and "assuan_inquire failed: Too much data for IPC layer" gnupg chatting dkg werner
2068 4 days ago avoid linking libksba into gpg and gpgv gnupg testing dkg werner
1571 6 days ago gpg --multifile and wildcards problem on Windows gpg4win chatting werner aheinecke
2082 6 days ago dirmngr segfault on fuzzed input dirmngr unread aheinecke werner
1783 6 days ago gpa.exe has stopped working gpa chatting snicker  
1477 6 days ago libassuan internal vasprintf causes segfaults on x86_64-sun-solaris2.10 libassuan chatting mooney  
2005 7 days ago Unexpected error at gpafileencryptop.c:305: Not implemented gpa chatting ikylar  
1568 7 days ago General Error: Library Returned Unexpected Error gpa chatting SpamTheClicker  
2080 7 days ago no status output when trying to sign data with revoked private key gnupg unread dranft  
1931 1 week ago libgpg-error-1.18 all tests core on Solaris10 with gcc4.9.2 libgpg-error need-eg jonesrw  
1973 1 week ago Wrong line endings when decrypting to console gnupg chatting gp_ast  
2036 1 week ago gpgme_set_pinentry_mode GPGME_PINENTRY_MODE_LOOPBACK doesn't work gpgme testing flok werner
2078 1 week ago GPG fails while encrypting large amounts of files gnupg need-eg pramodahanya  
2061 1 week ago Receiving keys from server fails gpgme chatting ximion  
2049 1 week ago conflicting pkg-config detection and initialization pinentry chatting alonbl werner
2038 1 week ago Pinentry Failing with 'Passphrase too long (try 2 of 3)' on Fedora 22 with KDE *only* when using lengthy passphrases gnupg testing SlipperyCow  
2076 1 week ago every input in pinentry-gtk-2 results in core dump pinentry need-eg ciil  
2066 1 week ago Wrong BLOB Type/keytable.c:150 gnupg chatting noname  
2075 2 weeks ago gpg-agent comments in sshcontrol for do not match ssh gnupg unread dkg  
1985 2 weeks ago Option --try-all-secrets doesn't work gnupg chatting ajaja werner
2071 2 weeks ago Processes invoking gpgme_op_decrypt() should not incur a delay due to the invocation of gpg-agent gnupg chatting ivansopin  
2074 2 weeks ago Redeclaration of internal functions to use "external" typedef prevents build libgcrypt unread aixtools  
2073 2 weeks ago gpg-agent crashes on winows importing a secret key gnupg chatting bjmgeek  
1961 3 weeks ago pinentry-qt4 needs -std=c++11 to compile with gcc-5.1 pinentry testing heirecka aheinecke
2069 3 weeks ago Passphrase prompts for each subkey, but not clear which dialog belongs to which subkey gnupg chatting viktordick  
2070 3 weeks ago Can not leave passphrase empty when exporting secret key gnupg chatting viktordick  
1837 1 month ago GPGOL causes Outlook to crash gpgol chatting kjathome aheinecke
2063 1 month ago Not possible to configure http-proxy for keyserver with Kleopatra as documented in Compendium gpg4win chatting aheinecke aheinecke
1938 1 month ago --list-sigs on a keybox is extremely slow gnupg in-progress guilhem werner
2057 1 month ago Add a command line option to pinentry that disables emacs support pinentry chatting neal  
2059 1 month ago Rate limit password attempts by pinentry. gnupg chatting neal  
2019 1 month ago Order of magnitude degradation in performance in gpg2 cf gpg gnupg chatting andrewgdotcom  
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