Title Add runtime check for SE-linux
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Created on 2008-06-06.14:50:19 by werner, last changed 2013-04-19.15:48:06 by werner.

msg4576 (view) Author: werner Date: 2013-04-19.15:48:05
Is that still something we should go for?
msg2707 (view) Author: werner Date: 2008-12-10.14:42:55
Can't be done for 2.0.10.  Will be considered later.
msg2499 (view) Author: werner Date: 2008-06-06.14:50:18
gpg build with se-linux support should have a feature to disable se-linux at
runtime.  This is so that one binary can be shipped and gpg can be used either
in plain or in SE-linux mode.
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