Title GPGME always return GPG_ERR_INV_ENGINE, with GPG4WIN
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Created on 2012-08-09.15:41:59 by [P] Canalian, last changed 2012-08-13.06:56:59 by werner.

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msg4404 (view) Author: Canalian Date: 2012-08-11.09:33:56
I discover patch for gpgme in gpg4win source. (patches/gpgme/01-gpg2.patch)
Claws-mail uses libgpgme-11.dll in gpg4win binary, which includes string 

I recognize gpgme in gpg4win is official version (on Windows).
We will use this version. Thank you.

# Claws-mail is based on Sylpheed. but, it doesn't work my environment.
msg4399 (view) Author: werner Date: 2012-08-10.17:02:32
gpgme comes with gpg4win - use this version only.

You should also consider to use Claws-mail because CM has a better GnuPG
integration and best of all is part of gpg4win.
msg4395 (view) Author: Canalian Date: 2012-08-09.15:41:59
GPG4WIN includes only gpg2.exe.
GPGME search gpg.exe, not gpg2.exe.

As a result, GPGME return GPG_ERR_INV_ENGINE, on Windows.

I use Sylpheed (Mailer) on Windows. but, it disable PGP functions with GPG4WIN.
reason is "invalid engine" as mentioned above.
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