Title [PATCH] gpg-protect-tool doesn't pass DISPLAY to agent
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Created on 2012-04-11.20:31:20 by [P] tootea, last changed 2015-05-07.02:20:03 by gniibe.

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gnupg-2.0.18-protect-tool-env.patch tootea, 2012-04-11.20:31:20 text/x-patch
msg6255 (view) Author: gniibe Date: 2015-05-07.02:20:02
Confirmed that this is fixed in GnuPG in 2.0.25.  In the external reference (the
bugzilla at RedHat), it's also closed already.
In the SCM (, it's
1f6281e091d124170238821e7b9150ab56ff1195 which
removed the patch.
msg5135 (view) Author: werner Date: 2014-06-25.15:28:26
commit 045c979 has the patch to be released with 2.0.25.
msg5134 (view) Author: aheinecke Date: 2014-06-25.13:51:13
The gnupg version mentioned in msg5133 should be 2.0.22 and not 2.0.18
msg5133 (view) Author: aheinecke Date: 2014-06-25.13:48:51
I can confirm the problem described in the redhat bug still exists. Ran into it
on ubuntu 14.4 with gnupg 2.0.18 (with use-agent in the gpg config).

gpgsm --import <cert> failed with decryption failed without opening pinentry.
But after unsetting GPG_AGENT_INFO it worked.
msg4266 (view) Author: tootea Date: 2012-04-18.19:03:27
Is it just me, or are both of my messages truncated to a single line?!
msg4265 (view) Author: tootea Date: 2012-04-18.19:01:00
This is in no way specific to Kleopatra (the KDE certificate manager), gpgsm --
msg4264 (view) Author: werner Date: 2012-04-18.10:05:17
KDE's Kontact has been developed along with GnuPG, thus I wonder why you have
this problem.  Can you please explain the problem a bit more detailed?
msg4263 (view) Author: tootea Date: 2012-04-11.20:31:20
Importing PKCS#12 keys with gpgsm doesn't work properly (at least under KDE) -
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