Title Encryption / Decryption hangs after starting from windows explorer
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Created on 2009-10-24.09:51:25 by [P] mdruehe, last changed 2013-07-30.07:55:04 by werner.

msg3516 (view) Author: werner Date: 2009-12-23.12:50:18
Well, it shows that the problem is not in gpgex but in Kleopatra.

Marc: Any idea?  Did you changed something in the latest Kleo versions?
msg3515 (view) Author: mdruehe Date: 2009-12-22.15:35:13
Hello Werner,
during running gpa --daemon in a shell I can use gpgex without problems. Does 
this information help you to solve the problem with kleopatra?
msg3510 (view) Author: werner Date: 2009-12-21.18:34:20
Please try to use gpa instead of Kleopatra:

kill a running kleopatra process and run
  gpa --daemon
in a shell.  The use gpgex?  Same problem?
msg3396 (view) Author: mdruehe Date: 2009-10-24.09:51:25
When I start the decryption or encryption function in the context menu of a file
in any file manager, e.g. windows explorer or speed commander, the GPGex-Window
for the selection of the operation (sign and / or encrypt) does not open. Only
after killing the calling application (the file manager) via the task manager
the window appears and I can start the operation. The problem appears on
different computers with XP SP3 or Vista SP 2.
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