Title Specify and use multiple keyservers
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Created on 2009-05-07.10:07:42 by dleidert, last changed 2015-05-11.18:50:57 by werner.

msg6313 (view) Author: werner Date: 2015-05-11.18:50:57
(funny due date removed)

Lot of things pertaining to keyservers changed in the meantime and we have a
couple of other things in mind as well.
msg3320 (view) Author: werner Date: 2009-09-03.17:28:45
We will do this in 2.1 and maybe backport it later
msg3030 (view) Author: dleidert Date: 2009-05-31.23:43:04
See these threads for example:

The common use case is, that one wants to fetch keys from a "local" keyserver
(the Debian/Ubuntu keyserver) and a public one.
msg3029 (view) Author: dshaw Date: 2009-05-31.23:27:31
The internals are already set for multiple keyservers (opt.keyserver is a
strlist, etc.)  I had to implement it for the auto-key-retrieve feature, which
does support multiple servers.

I suppose the use case here is to try a local keyserver (say, company-specific)
before trying a global one?
msg2945 (view) Author: werner Date: 2009-05-07.19:12:38
Using multiple keyserver might be a usable thing but with the current
infrastructure it is not easy to implement.

Asking several keyservers at once is not polite.  Having a fallback keyserver
would be a nice feature, though.
msg2940 (view) Author: dleidert Date: 2009-05-07.10:07:42
This has originally been reported as Debian bug #93656: Would you say that the
issue described there is the same as
(I'm not sure about the intention of #139) and that it will never be possible to
use multiple keyservers simultaneously or after-each-other?
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