Title Please split GtkSecureEntry into a library
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Created on 2009-04-02.16:56:06 by agx, last changed 2015-11-03.22:52:26 by neal.

msg7241 (view) Author: neal Date: 2015-11-03.22:52:26
GtkSecureEntry has been removed from pinentry.
msg2899 (view) Author: agx Date: 2009-04-03.08:58:45
The coupling to secmem is why I propsed this for pinentry not for GTK+ itself. 

Since GTK1 and Qt pinentries also depend on secmem, so secmem could would have
to move into a lib first or this would be duplicated between GTK+ and pinentry

Since this is security related code not having that many copies around would
really be nice.
msg2895 (view) Author: werner Date: 2009-04-03.07:39:30
Too much mainenance work.  It is also closely coupled to the secmem stuff.  You
better ask the GTK folks to add such a widget.
msg2893 (view) Author: agx Date: 2009-04-02.16:56:06
I'd be nice to have GtkSecureEntry in a separate library so more Gtk
applications can benefit from it's security features. I ended up copying
over the code to krb5-auth-dialog and it seems gnome-keyring took the
code from there too.
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