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ID Activity Title Category Status Creator Assigned To
2389 1 month ago segfault after importing key, corrupting trustdb gnupg testing lars  
2434 1 month ago pinentry-gtk-2's --no-global-grab does not work as advertised pinentry unread justus  
1590 19 months ago dirmngr with libgcrypt 1.6.0 forgets to initialize pth properly dirmngr in-progress perske werner
2730 8 hours ago (1888)(4364)(111) Quickbooks proseries support phone number gpg4win deferred ctutedina  
2687 1 week ago 98 chars limits on archived filenames for windows (gpgtar) gpg4win chatting bernhard aheinecke
2416 1 month ago Outlook 2016 64-bit: Crash if "Send to" > "Mail Recipient" is tried gpgol chatting ralfbergs aheinecke
2335 5 months ago Rare crashes when encrypting and/or signing mails with GpgOL gpgol chatting aheinecke aheinecke
2699 yesterday Assuan Context for inquiry callback not set if gpg-agent is just started gnupg testing perske gniibe
2698 yesterday Building static GnuPG fails with 2.1.15 (works with 2.1.14) gnupg testing perske gniibe
2702 yesterday ECDSA doesn't reject invalid digests when signing gnupg testing steven gniibe
2679 5 days ago Raise error if keyring if not readable gpgme chatting paz  
2692 1 week ago GpgOL, Sign by default enables encrypt by default gpgol unread codemonkee  
2690 1 week ago crash when editing key with no signatures gnupg testing steven werner
2448 1 week ago dirmngr fails to load crl when imported manually dirmngr chatting JochenSaalfeld JochenSaalfeld
2682 1 week ago Keys cannot be refreshed via "gpg2 --refresh-keys" gnupg chatting colan  
2684 1 week ago GPG encrypts using a key of a partial recipient match instead of exact match   chatting tvenhola  
2671 1 week ago "Invalid option" with utf-16 config files (windows) misc chatting andrewgdotcom  
1804 2 weeks ago HKPS scheme support for Windows Installer gnupg chatting juanmi werner
2677 2 weeks ago enable-special-filenames does not work with --output gnupg in-progress dkg  
2680 2 weeks ago Make the error message when pinentry does not have a tty more clear   chatting t8m  
2390 2 weeks ago gpg-agent not expiring passphrase gnupg need-eg gvs  
2669 3 weeks ago gpg --import auto-launches gpg-agent even when no secret keys are imported gnupg chatting dkg  
2666 3 weeks ago gpg --list-config does not include default-key gnupg chatting dkg  
2324 3 weeks ago gpg --batch --export-secret-key fails (requires user interaction) if key has no passphrase gnupg chatting dkg justus
2670 3 weeks ago (Win32/64) gpg-agent locks directory of initial signature gpg4win chatting rivy  
2668 3 weeks ago gpgv verification of inline-signed data ignores leading and trailing garbage gnupg chatting dkg  
2667 3 weeks ago No NEED_PASSPHRASE status line on --export-secret-keys gnupg chatting alecpl  
2651 3 weeks ago scdaemon should free the reader after card removal gnupg testing gniibe gniibe
2449 3 weeks ago Smartcard reinsert fails with gnupg 2.1.15 (gpg-agent/scdaemon) gnupg testing rs gniibe
2453 3 weeks ago Web of Trust: Differents results between Windows and Linux gnupg chatting Mouxon  
2451 3 weeks ago _hkp_tcp SRV record doesn't work dirmngr chatting zhsj  
2452 3 weeks ago pinentry-curses fails with ERR 83886343 Line passed to IPC too long <Pinentry> when --ttytype is unusable pinentry testing dkg  
2447 1 month ago macport compile failed in libassuan-2.4.3 due to undefine _POSIX_C_SOURCE libassuan chatting Ricky  
2444 1 month ago Pinentry Does not pass getpin to console pinentry unread lavajgh  
2443 1 month ago gpg2 --use-agent gives "gpg: decryption failed: No secret key" gnupg chatting tuxick  
2270 1 month ago gpg caches bad symmetric passwords gnupg unread neal neal
2054 1 month ago All of max-cache-ttl, default-cache-ttl, and no-allow-external-cache are ignored gnupg chatting ivansopin neal
2024 1 month ago "Unknown IPC command" in many situations (gpg4win/gnupg conflict?) gnupg chatting phry  
2400 1 month ago GnuPG 2.1 regression in unattended key generation gnupg chatting Jens Erat  
2354 1 month ago Deleted secure key not quite deleted? gnupg chatting  
2352 1 month ago doc/version.texi is sometimes not generated gpgme testing justus werner
2438 1 month ago dirmngr fails repeatedly with "invalid argument", without kicking the host from its list dirmngr chatting dkg  
2436 1 month ago --yes sometimes doesn't work without --batch, but this is not well-documented gnupg chatting dkg  
2259 1 month ago --key-gen failing on Solaris 10 gnupg chatting pmawson  
2425 1 month ago 2.1.14 intermittent `make check` failure on gpgtar.scm gnupg chatting ilovezfs justus
1779 1 month ago AIX & GCC 4.7.4: 27 of 30 tests failed Please report to gnupg testing aixtools gniibe
2433 1 month ago dirmngr: hkps connections should default to system trust if --hkp-cacert is not given dirmngr unread dkg  
1644 1 month ago Do not expect KeyIDs to be unique gnupg chatting perske  
2298 2 months ago Unblocking a smartcard PIN not possible in 2.1 gnupg need-eg languitar gniibe
2167 2 months ago Unplugging USB Smartcard/Yubikey causes problems with scdaemon gnupg testing dhoffend gniibe
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