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1590 9 months ago dirmngr with libgcrypt 1.6.0 forgets to initialize pth properly dirmngr in-progress perske werner
1225 67 months ago gpgOL- 2003 (Problem sending standard unencrypted eMail when mail is composed with word-editor) gpgol unread puchowski  
1216 68 months ago GpgOL 1.1.1 and Outlook 2007 - encrypt does not work at all gpgol unread  
2137 yesterday GpgOL should not block while the UI Server starts up gpgol testing aheinecke aheinecke
2141 yesterday GpgOL does not (mime) encrypt messages sent from drafts folder in Outlook 2010 and later gpgol chatting aheinecke aheinecke
2133 yesterday pinentry qt 4 password corruption pinentry testing dmllr werner
1624 10 months ago file encryption: gpa does not work with umlaut gpa chatting boehmtho werner
1266 64 months ago "Encrypt Message with GPG" cannot be removed from drop down toolbar! gpgol unread wlgivens  
1019 76 months ago Buttons in outlook 2007 disappear gpgol need-eg appiejs  
2135 yesterday Bulk key import fails on Windows if Kleopatra is running gnupg chatting aheinecke werner
2161 yesterday Outlook 2016 Add-in Issues gpgol testing mmyers27 aheinecke
2162 yesterday keyserver does not work with authenticating proxy gpg4win unread emil.obermayr  
2071 yesterday Processes invoking gpgme_op_decrypt() should not incur a delay due to the invocation of gpg-agent gnupg need-eg ivansopin  
1837 3 days ago GPGOL causes Outlook to crash gpgol testing kjathome aheinecke
1989 3 days ago Missing support for IPv4 may lead to problems. gnupg chatting werner  
2150 3 days ago Generating keys on OpenPGP card yields wrong public key gnupg chatting nervengiftlabs  
2054 4 days ago All of max-cache-ttl, default-cache-ttl, and no-allow-external-cache are ignored gnupg chatting ivansopin  
2156 4 days ago remove some dead assignments, add some NULL pointer checks gnupg chatting Safari  
2155 4 days ago check_cert_policy does not check strpbrk ret val for NULL gnupg chatting Safari  
2019 5 days ago Order of magnitude degradation in performance in gpg2 cf gpg gnupg chatting andrewgdotcom  
1396 6 days ago Subkey expiring breaks other subkeys gnupg chatting NoN  
2011 1 week ago gnupg should notify cancellation of its operation to gpg-agent to kill pinentry gnupg chatting gniibe  
1985 1 week ago Option --try-all-secrets doesn't work gnupg chatting ajaja werner
2154 1 week ago encrypt_dek ignores gcry_pk_encrypt return value gnupg unread Safari  
2153 1 week ago agent_pksign_do ignores do_encode_raw_pkcs1 do_encode_md return values gnupg unread Safari  
1973 1 week ago Wrong line endings when decrypting to console gnupg chatting gp_ast  
1963 1 week ago ldap keyserver communication error gnupg chatting elosery  
1845 1 week ago sending large keys to keyserver push fails with silent hang and "assuan_inquire failed: Too much data for IPC layer" gnupg chatting dkg werner
1836 1 week ago gpg-agent --no-detach breaks pinentry-curses, pinentry-tty pinentry need-eg MattG  
1783 1 week ago gpa.exe has stopped working gpa chatting snicker  
1351 1 week ago Gpg-zip script problem creating tarball compressed archives. gnupg chatting lyingB  
1421 1 week ago GnuPG should verify --homedir option before creating a key gnupg chatting gatuno  
2136 1 week ago GpgOL crypto operations cause Outlook to block gpgol chatting aheinecke aheinecke
2147 2 weeks ago auto-key-retrieve does not work if keyserver is set in dirmngr.conf instead of gpg.conf gnupg chatting tom.ty89  
1824 2 weeks ago gpg4win: Localization "Bis" instead of "To" in Kleopatra gpgol testing rb aheinecke
1608 2 weeks ago GNUPG_SYS_SYMBOL_UNDERSCORE and cross compile libgcrypt chatting alonbl  
2144 2 weeks ago libgpg-error: assertion error on Solaris/sparc libgpg-error unread wiz werner
2148 2 weeks ago dirmngr fails when started from gpg2 --homedir <something> dirmngr chatting mmucklo  
1371 3 weeks ago Out of secure memory while generating several keys in batchmode gnupg chatting ttw  
1714 3 weeks ago parse_key doesn't check for EOF when listing packets gnupg chatting coruus  
2143 3 weeks ago Interactive passwd command doesn't work if passphrase-file is set gnupg unread sdaoden  
1344 3 weeks ago gpg-agent doesn't forget passphrase on SIGHUP poldi chatting shtrom gniibe
1232 3 weeks ago expired user-id selection preference gnupg chatting micah  
1212 3 weeks ago Test fdpassing fails in libassuan 2.0.0 on Solaris 9 gnupg chatting dagobert marcus
1158 3 weeks ago tests/parse-test needs -lgpg-errors poldi chatting lmamane gniibe
1106 3 weeks ago Deinstalling gpg4win leaves encrypted messages decrypted gpgol chatting kjathome aheinecke
2134 3 weeks ago iconv.dll is still a problem gnupg chatting NightsInRodanthe  
1048 3 weeks ago link to "Gnupg-commits Archives" broken gpgweb chatting dleidert  
1006 3 weeks ago wrong characters in gpgweb chatting rousseau  
978 3 weeks ago release notes for latest version unavailable misc chatting gpgbug  
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